Graphic design + Illustration.

Marieke Hepkema

Client: Study Association IAM Core

diskovr logo animation

The design challenge

During my time as the secretary, of study association IAM Core, I had to design PR concepts for multiple events. CMD UIT was to be an event that consisted of a hackathon + an ‘offline weekend’; a weekend trip to the Belgian Ardennes, without digital devices. The deliverables were designs for print (A0, A3, A5), instagram and Facebook.

The process

I started out by thinking about what the posters had to communicate to the members of IAM Core. The goal was to make people excited about the event, and to communicate what the event consisted of. I decided to create an illustration of a person working during a hackathon, and combining this with a nature background, illustrating the surroundings we would have in the Ardennes. The designs should be recognizable as IAM Core PR, so I used the branding guidelines.

first sketches

I wanted to give all the deliverables it’s own unique design, so I created separate illustrations to combine into different versions of the design.

illustration elements poster mockup a0 3 instagram post designs facebook design

What I learned

It was really fun to create sort of a system with separate illustrations. It made the whole process more flexible. I also feel like I was able to work with a more simple illustration style; I usually tend to add too much detail, making the illustrations feel more cluttered.


For this project, I worked mainly with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

illustrator InDesign