Please note that I'm currently only available for freelance illustration work, not UX & UI Design.

Conveying emotion through bold, vibrant illustrations.

View some of my favourite client and personal work here.

Have a look at my instagram page if you want to see more illustration work done by me, including some work in non-digital mediums.

Marieke Hepkema

an illustration of a girl with blue eyes and brown hair, winking.
An illustration of a falling male angel in a blue-greyish hoodie. One arm is reaching to the sky as he falls, and he has one eye closed. His golden necklace is lifted in the air.
an illustration of a 'voordeler', which is a little guy in a red coat that promotes the Dirk van den Broek supermarket. He's looking surprised, with his hands lifted a bit in the air.
an illustration of a naked woman in a bathtub, smoking a cigarette. She's looking away with a bit of an indifferent look on her face, and she's wearing some gold jewelerry. In the back you can see a plant and there are some flower petals scattered around the bathtub.
an illustration of a squatting girl, leaning with her right arm on her right knee. She's wearing yellow overalls and a flower crown on her head.
An illustration with a pencil look to it of a deer with candy antlers, in a snowscape. The sky is a bit orange and there are pine trees on the snowy hills in the background.
An isometric illustration of the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam with a festival happening there. There's lots of people and some famous clubs are illustrated as well. There is a stage and a logo called REGULIERS CELEBRATES with a pride flag on top and a drag queen posing on the pride flag runway. The colours are very vibrant and there's quite a lot happening in this illustration, showing the various aspects of the festival.
An illustration of a brown-haired girl drifting in the water with a smile on her face. She's wearing a lilac shirt with 'Belle' on it and a dark blue-greyish skirt. There are some fish in the water, and cherry blossom petals are falling into the water from a tree on the shore.
An illustration of a plant in a brown pot with 4 legs. There's a smiling, blushing face on the pot, and the background of the image is a bit of a yellowy beige.